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14/08 - 2018
Ready, Set…Plan Your GIFF Event!

The Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) is still three months away (November 8-12) but now is the...

13/08 - 2018
Amazon-Spendenlink 38.86 EUR
Eine neue Amazon-Werbekostenrückerstattung ist zu verbuchen, und schon wieder kämpfe ich mit der Benutzerführung meiner Bank. Aber last but...
13/08 - 2018
A Trek through Search trends, starring popular films and Croc-ular shoes

If there was a category for “popular shoe,” would Crocs be nominated? Take a minute to think about that, while we take you through...

13/08 - 2018
AI4ALL participants tell all—summer camps get girls involved in AI and tech

AI4ALL, a nonprofit working to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence, believes...

13/08 - 2018
Fill in the blanks with #teampixel

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that don’t tell the whole story, daring you to fill in the blanks. And when it comes to...

13/08 - 2018
🌳Location sticht. Immer. Leider
Im heutigen Beitrag geht es ausnahmsweise einmal nicht um Waldmultis mit Munitionskisten als Finale. Vor einigen Tagen kam hier in der Gegend...
12/08 - 2018
Happy Birthday OpenStreetMap
11/08 - 2018
Wochennotiz Nr. 420
11/08 - 2018
Winners of the 3rd OpenStreetMap Awards

TheOpenStreetMap Awardswere held for the 3rd time on 30th of July at the State of the Map conference. Beforehand nominations...

9/08 - 2018
CF trifft Kassel

Björn und Gérard waren beim Mega Event : Märchenhaft in Kassel Am Sonntag bekamen wir noch die gelegenheit mit der Orga ein Nachinterview...

9/08 - 2018
Hey Google, what’s the news?

Back at Google I/O, we launched the new

9/08 - 2018
Three things to know about Google Ad Manager

It’s been a little over a month since we

9/08 - 2018
After NEXT 2018: Trends in higher education and research

From classrooms to campus infrastructure, higher education is rapidly adapting to cloud technology. So it’s no surprise that academic...

9/08 - 2018
Empowering India’s female entrepreneurs

Editor’s note: This post comes from Rashmi Dhanwani, (pictured) founder of the Art X Company. She’s a member of 91springboard...

9/08 - 2018
Data Studio's new features help you tell more compelling stories

In today’s ever-changing, multi-channel landscape, marketers need to quickly gather and visualize all their data in order to gain new...

9/08 - 2018
Time for a refresh: Meet the new Google Classroom

In 2014, a team of Googlers, including several former teachers, began spending time with educators. We learned that teachers loved...

9/08 - 2018
Your Google for Education Guide for Back to School

This back to school season, inspire creativity, and run at maximum efficiency with the latest features and tools from

9/08 - 2018
For Louis Armstrong’s birthday we tune in to “Tiger Rag” on a Gramophone

In 1934 the trumpeter, singer and movie star Louis Armstrong visited a studio in Paris to record his song “Tiger Rag” on a

9/08 - 2018
Try out Digital Wellbeing to find your own balance with Pixel

We all love our phones—the cameras capture the memories we make, they find us the best route to work each day, and they answer the...

9/08 - 2018
Android 9 Pie: Improving productivity, security, and digital wellbeing for the enterprise

Today we’re serving upAndroid 9 Pie, freshly baked for the...

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